Thursday, June 16, 2005

Check Out My Friend's New Book

A good friend of mine, Chris Wolf, has just released another outstanding book called "Virtualization: From Desktop to the Enterprise". Call your local Barnes and Noble or other bookseller and ask if they have it in stock...if not then ask them why? Otherwise, you can also order it online at .

Most folks figure virtualization to be running multiple VMWare sessions on a single system, but it's becoming much more. Throughout his book Chris leverages his teaching/training background to explain difficult technologies in a user-friendly manner. He covers a variety of topics, including clustering, file sharing methods, and more. Virtualization is becoming more than simply a wish and in fact is a critical technology today. Companies are trying to do more with less, manage burgeoning storage and user needs, while not disrupting their users. Get this book, support great writers and learn how to be more effective at your job.

Enjoy and check out Chris speaking at trade shows when you have a chance.

~ Jonathan